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Drum Travel-Double Album



Multi-percussionist Sandeep Raval teams up with Worldbeat artist and producer James Asher to create a unique double album celebrating the power of drums.

Take a transformative trip with these two consummate percussionists into the realm of Worldbeat, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Native American, Indian Folk, Meditative, Ecstatic and Shamanic Dance that will empower and transform your personal journey with the enthralling vibrancy and versatility of drum music.

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    01. Drum Travel – Disc 1 Celebrating the diversity of drumming
    Sandeep Raval & James Asher

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    02. Drum Travel – Disc 2 Tipi Experience – The travels go deeper
    Sandeep Raval & James Asher



Multi-percussionist Sandeep Raval teams up with worldbeat producer and artist James Asher to create a succession of tracks celebrating the power of drums in their many diverse colours. Embracing the broad stylistic range they have both experienced:- Worldbeat, Latin, Ecstatic dance, Shamanic, Jazz, Blues, Indian folk, Meditative and Native American, the music pulses with the vibrance of the broad galaxy of the worlds with which drums connect

On the second disc, the TIPI experience, the rhythmic journeys deepen. Drum Travel draws on many profound rhythmic traditions to illustrate the ability of drums to ease and empower transformative personal journeys that can have extraordinary and life changing impacts on the traveller.

Crossing cultural divides is familiar territory to Asher and Raval, and this is further uplifted by two invaluable contributors: – the highly original singing and song writing of Italian singer/painter Carolina Maggio, with her unique and poetic approach, and the phenomenal musicality of guitarist and bass-player Simon Brewin. Casting aside previous conceptions and assumptions about genre and category will enhance the experience with this double album.

Dance to the drums, play along with the drums, meditate to the drums, but most of all enjoy the musical freedom that a deep love of drums invites, and find and enjoy your own travels with some compulsive accompanying scores.

Credits : Recorded by James Asher at Starfield Studios and Sandeep Raval at Absolute Studios, Northampton. Produced by James Asher. Published by Radiant Music. Cover design by Sandeep Raval.

Musicians:- James Asher – Keyboards, drums, percussion, hammered dulcimer, kitchen. Sandeep Raval – Multi-percussion, from taiko to tabla, keyboards, wicked ginger, vision. Simon Brewin – Bass, Guitar, Wit, The discerning don. Carolina Maggio – Vocals, charango, painting, creativity and enthusiasm.

Also, gratefully acknowledged:- Arthur Hull – Congas. Tom Fairbairn – Violin. Zuwa – Vocals. Waquas Choudary – Bansuri. Kankana Banerjee – Vocal. Praful Dave – Vocal. Unnati Dasgupta – Vocal. Hardik Dave – Melodica. Ilyas Khan – Sarangi. Darshan Raval – Cahon.

Especial thanks and respect to Praful Dave for his exceptional and creative response to the Accelerando track, and his vocal interpretation of that.

Choir on Hey Wanaina – The Gathering Sound Community Choir. Arranged and conducted by Richard Leigh. Many thanks for a great job, Richard.

Thanks also to the following:- Celia Asher, Jolly Raval. Mike Booth for his encouragement for Sandeep and James to work together and do what we love. We`re doing it! Samir Raval for use of Dolphin Studios, Ahmnebad, Gujurat. Roz Crampton for the awesome soundbath. Kevin Stoney for help with mobile recording. Simon Brewin loves playing GB guitars.

Drum Travel – Disc 1

Celebrating the diversity of drumming

Drum Travel – Disc 2

Tipi Experience – The travels go deeper

70 Minutes 08 secs. Tracks 4 ,8, 10 written by James Asher. Tracks 2, 6, written by James Asher and Sandeep Raval. Tracks 1, 3, 9 written by Carolina Maggio, James Asher, Sandeep Raval, Simon Brewin. Tracks 5, 7, 11, 12, 13 Written by James Asher, Sandeep Raval and Simon Brewin.

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