Show Reel includes glimpse of Sandeep Raval’s music
Indian National TV Doordarshan,Sandeeps recent composition for Uganda Kampala show features Ndere group from Kampala
(features: Anandan Sivamani),Blessing Historic Musical Symphony collaboration with Paul MacGrath [Kiran Thakrar (Keyboard), Iver Johnson (Bass) and featuring 60 piece symphony]

followed by

Leicester Nadopasna Worship through sound. for Paul MacGrath & Sandeep Raval this concert marks a continuation of their collaborative explorations , when they created BLESSING- the sound world of the symphony interlaced with the sound world of Gujarati folk music (Features: Graham Roberts Guitar. Ivor Johnson Bass. Lisa Mallet – Flute/Bansuri. to name a few). A unique idea inspired by Hasu Manek

Show reel:-special thanks to very dear friend Kevin Stoney