Sandeep Raval releases Mosaic in Motion

Mosaic: ‘a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole’. When used to describe music it’s a strong word, and only really suits something very special.

For Sandeep Raval it’s fitting to say the least. He straddles genres from Indian folk to Intelligent Dance Music. And with Mosaic In Motion, he shows a deft production hand by bringing seemingly disparate parts together. A convergence of sound and place, just don’t call it a fusion.

That the nine tracks nod toward drum n bass, Arabesque, jazz and classical is beside the point. For Raval, to create the music of a nation you must first understand the culture and the context behind the compositions. Simply learning a native instrument isn’t enough.

That’s why you can hear London, his point of arrival into the UK, providing the liquid breakbeats behind Digu. In contrast, Lunar Breathing takes us directly to West India. Raval has immersed himself in these contrasting locales, and has been influenced by each in turn.

Both feel believable, and boast seals of authenticity in the same way Raval’s passport carries so many stamps. And because his story contains chapters set against the landscapes of different continents, it’s clear how he arrived at these truly global compositions.

The music itself has taken an equally epic, though far more grounded journey on its way towards becoming part of this collection. Session artists were invited into the studio, and allowed to jam freely. As Raval puts it: “just like they were performing in the pub”. From here the recordings were edited and arranged into coherent structures. Like a sonic photograph, tracks were captured from these fleeting moments.

The result is a release that offers up so much to so many. From rare time signatures of 9/4 to double-bass backed, hypnotic sitar moodiness. Comparisons with the likes of Thievery Corporation, Venetian Snares, and anything from the depths of WOMAD’s fantasy line up are possible. But none really come close to what Raval has created.

Like a plane jetting off to unknown destinations, the only way to understand this adventure is to buy a ticket, and take the trip. From Southampton to Northampton, Leicester to London, UK audiences have already jumped on board Raval’s live concept, featuring tracks from Mosaic In Motion. After all, who doesn’t want the opportunity to explore the world’s sounds, in full stereo?
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In 50 words

Sandeep Raval is a multifarious percussionist, acclaimed producer, and multi-instrumentalist composer. He’s also constantly evolving. So two albums, Worship Through Sound and Mosaic in Motion, jazz, IDM, Eastern folk, work with Andrew Lloyd Webber, world music star James Asher, and performances from London to Delhi, barely summarise his global career.


In 100 words

For most musicians, the term ‘fusion’ means combining a number of styles from across the world into a coherent arrangement. For Sandeep Raval, it’s about transforming a life spent performing everywhere from Moscow to Delhi, into dazzling stage shows and critically acclaimed studio work.

Taking in a range of influences, whether that’s European jazz and contemporary electronica, or Indian folk and roots, his spellbinding tours have left audiences speechless, and collaborations with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and world music producer James Asher, bolster his reputation as an innovative aficionado. Meanwhile, constant evolution ensures his work is consistently fascinating, but always impressive.
Mosaic In Motion Live Show

Sandeep Raval is one of the most versatile multi instrumentalist, composer. A wide variety of musical genres has taken Sandeep on a musical journey. This journey has encompassed the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End Musical Bombay Dreams a musical scored by A R Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) and The Far Pavilions (based on the novel by MM Kaye) as well as his own original live music concepts; include Blessing (co-writing with Paul McGrath & performing with a 60 piece symphony orchestra) and Nadopasna (worship through sound) Mosaic in Motion is another such concept, showcasing a range of unusual percussion instruments featuring tracks from his latest Album Mosaic In Motion.